• Assistance for the internationalization of small and medium enterprises

    Knowledge and expertise advising small and medium enterprises to start and develop their business internationally ...


Knowledge as a pathway to progress

  • Trade Capacity Building:

    Social welfare expansion has been recognized as a main objective of economic integration. The ultimate objective of trade relations enlargement between member states of economic unions and free trade areas is to increase GDP among members, and hence, to improve societal well-being.


  • Human development and social inclusion:

    Social protection mechanisms in developing countries (DCs) are not performing well considering the improvement shown in their economic growth indicators. In particular, an indicator which is identified as persistently unfavorable is the existence of large segments of vulnerable populations, which include children and adolescents. In the presence of high levels of poverty and marginalization, poor socioeconomic conditions are often associated, in this context, with the risk of the emergence of criminal behavior.


  • Minority and underserved populations in the Americas:

    These populations are served in order to enable them to have equal access to opportunity, to achieve economic prosperity and to enjoy a better quality of life.



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