The United States intends to globalize the Mexican recipe – Estados Unidos se propone globalizar la receta mexicana. Dr.Jorge Riaboi

(…) the political class in the United States began to rethink the approaches and measures that in the last twenty-five years reduced its influence on the creation of global disciplines and standards on trade, environmental and climate policy (…) These leaders recognize that the indiscriminate torpedoing of multilateralism (…) that Donald Trump unleashed, only generated major conflicts with China, the rest of Asia, its North Atlantic allies, and the few Latin American interests that seem to matter in Washington. (…) The (…) aim of this column is to reflect the growing infatuation of Republicans and Democrats with the 芦Mexican recipe禄 used to renegotiate NAFTA (now the USMCA or T-MEC), an approach that Washington apparently wants to push through the World Trade Organization (WTO) and its future regional integration agreements.

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