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Minority and underserved populations in the Americas

Generating cutting-edge research, and transferring knowledge, on the art of negotiation, trade, and economic policies and strategies to empower and create better socio-economic outcomes for minority and underserved communities in the Americas in collaboration with multi-sector partners.


  • Develop long lasting partnerships to enrich the generation of new ideas and to enhance the delivery of knowledge to the communities we serve
  • Transfer knowledge to improve negotiating skills and develop pathways to career and employment opportunities, as well as business opportunities for young adults in minority and/or underserved populations
  • Build intellectual capacity and institutional capabilities among minority-owned small business and micro-enterprises so that they may compete more effectively in the global marketplace
  • Better understand the changing needs of the populations we serve as a guide for continuing research as well as for adaptation of training curricula



  • Establish mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded community organizations, chambers of commerce, and universities who can serve as partners in the development and/or delivery of training, and joint research initiatives
  • Develop curricula and execute comprehensive training and coaching on negotiation skills for young professionals, graduates, and entrepreneurs who belong to minority or underserved populations in the US
  • Develop curricula and execute comprehensive training on business development and expansion strategies to underserved communities and entrepreneurs, including import/export, etc.
  • Create an alumni database and a post-training follow-up mechanism to assist in and track achievement of participantsÔÇÖ personal, professional and business goals
  • Conduct periodic needs assessments of the communities we serve to detect gaps in knowledge and skills.

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