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Mission and Objectives

Mission and Objectives

The Center of Studies on Economic Integration and International Trade (INTEGRAL) – a Non Profit Organization, Section 501(c) (3), with a Public Charity Status, Section 509 (a) (2) in the State of Florida (USA) – was conceived by a group of professionals with expertise and experience on the areas of International Trade, Economic Integration and International Trade Negotiations, as well as in the relationship between those disciplines and Economic Development and Social Welfare.

The vision of INTEGRAL lies in the belief that knowledge utilization and dissemination contributes to expanding people’s opportunities by improving their skills as a means toward social progress.

According to this vision, the mission of INTEGRAL is to bridge the divide between the generation and debate of ideas and social reality, and to contribute to the knowledge and dissemination of trade, trade policies and economic growth in order to foster development and social welfare.

INTEGRAL is persuaded that knowledge and its transference is one of the most useful tools to tackle challenges facing development. Thus, among other goals, knowledge transfer contributes to the improvement of individuals skills and institutional capabilities in developing countries, as well as of underserved communities in developed countries. This is achieved by means of comprehensive training and assistance programs providing personal, professional and business development opportunities to underserved communities and entrepreneurs so that they may compete more effectively in the local and global marketplace, and by conducting research to find creative solutions to overcome the problems that impede progress.


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