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Trade Promotion


INTEGRAL has been approved by PROSPERA (formerly HBIF – Hispanic Business Initiative Fund) as a Services Provider to implement a Technical Assistance Program to Hispanic Exporters in the State of Florida, a comprehensive export program based upon a methodology that relies on professional and personalized advice addressing each one of the needed steps for the companies to successfully engage in their internationalization process. The program is aimed to facilitate the process of exports start-up or new export markets development, strengthening the international management capabilities of small and medium business of the Hispanic community. INTEGRAL program consists of a technical assistance process addressed to small and medium enterprises that have been preselected after a diagnosis report of their ability to export and their strengths to cope with the exporting venture. Once the program starts, a trade expert assists the company throughout the process involving three successive phases: by helping and advising it on the analysis of the product, the identification of potential target markets and the plotting of an Export-Marketing Plan.

INTEGRAL also provides expert Technical Assistance to Small and Medium Enterprises in their Process of Internationalization, seeking to develop their international operations from the US to Latin American and Caribbean markets, as well as from these countries to the North American market.

Some of the professional services provided by INTEGRAL are:

  • Export audit and company diagnosis
  • Export product identification and adaptation
  • Market analysis and studies
  • Analysis of trade regulations in target markets
  • Analysis of export costs and prices
  • Competition identification and analysis
  • Distribution channels analysis
  • Export-Marketing Plan
  • Trade promotion tools: advise and preparation to participate in trade missions and trade fairs

Contact our experts:

Technical Assistance Department
Email: technical_assistance@f-integral.org

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