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Technical assistance


Technical assistance comprises expert advise in the areas of trade and development, adopting different modalities in accordance with the type of clients served and the clients’ needs. In the area of International Cooperation, expert assistance, trade capacity building and also training are usually demanded by developing countries governments that aim to specific objectives – for example: preparing their officers to comply with international trade commitments or to optimize the benefits of trade agreements – and are subjects of cooperation funding. Within the European Commission Development and Cooperation Programs (EuropeAid) and USAID, INTEGRAL has performed several activities, mainly of technical assistance to Latin and Central American governments. Through the subscription of side letters with several international consortia and/or by contracts with our Associate Consultants, numerous activities were carried out for European consultant firms, some of which are summarized herewith:

Altair Asesores – Spain – About Altair
Arca Consortium – Spain-Belgium – About Arca Consortium
Booz Allen Hamilton – US – About Booz Allen
Carana Corporation – US – About Carana Corporation
Chemonics International – US – About Chemonics International
Development Solutions – UK – About Development Solutions
DevTech Systems, Inc – US – About DevTech Systems
Ecorys Nederland – About Ecorys
Equinoccio – Spain – About Equinoccio
Human Dynamics – Austria – About Human Dynamics
Universidad del Azuay – Ecuador – About Universidad del Azuay

The following are the main sources of information on Trade Capacity Building:
World Trade Organization (WTO) – Database on technical assistance related to trade and trade capacity building – Doha Development Program (TCBDB)
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) – Trade, Development and Trade Capacity Building
United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) – Trade Capacity Building Initiative
United States Agency for International Development (USAID) – Database on Trade Capacity Building
United States Trade Representative (USTR) – Information on Trade Capacity Building

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